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 Buy Himalaya Snus (loose). Delivery --> EU only. Details:  contact: Ten adres email jest ukrywany przed spamerami, włącz obsługę JavaScript w przeglądarce, by go zobaczyć



Soon,  you will find here some information about snus and tobacco products from Poland. Unfortunately dealing with snus is banned in Poland too so you won't be able to find information regarding Polish brands of snus on this website.


Need holder for your snus can?

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Tips for foreigners in Poland:

Buying snus from abroad is 100% legal (in retail quantities). You cannot sell snus in Poland but you are allowed to import, buy and use it.

You can import it as a private person from online shops (from EU - without any additional taxes). I do. Delivery to Poland is circa 3-7 days. Sometimes delivery takes more times because of customs.

If customs check the package, delivery can take up to 14 days. Customs will not confiscate the stuff - you just receive envelope with customs stamp.
You do not have to pay any additional taxes (if you buy from EU).
Snus is not popular in Poland so people may think that it is kind of drug. Better to not use it in public places, pubs etc. If anyone ask whats that - just say it's tobacco.
Word tobacco is similar to polish "tabaka" (snuff) so everyone understand you.

Selling chewing tobacco/dipping tobacco is illegal. Buying and using is legal.

Selling dry snuff is legal in Poland. You can buy it in tobacco shops.


If you want to contact me,  e-mail me at info%snus&pl  (exchange % with @ and & with . ) .You can write me  in english, french, german or dutch.


Business oportunities questions? Want to send me your snus product sample for reviewing on this site or just send some press relase? Any questions, suggestions, opinions? E-mail me.